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In Case Of Emergency

For emergency medical issues, please dial 911 as standard procedure. 

For non-life-threatening home issues, please contact the local contact first and then the home owner.

The closest hospital is:
St. Luke's Hospital - Monroe Campus

(Please note, this hospital is still close to 30 minutes away)

Address: 100 St. Luke's Lane, Stroudsburg, PA 18360

Phone #: +12722121000

For issues with the home
*If the issue is not of imminent threat, please reach out to either the local contact or the homeowner

Electrical: If there is an electrical issue with the home, the circuit panel can be found, and labeled, in the laundry room. The main shut-off is located at the very top of the board. Flipping this switch will turn off the power to the whole house. 

Water: If there is a leak at one of the faucets, shutoffs are located in the cabinet below the fixture. Rotate the handles to the right to shut them off. Hot water can be shut off utilizing the twist handle on the left (red pipe) side of the top of the water heater in case of emergency. The main shutoff is not accessible by renters. 

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